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website UX & UI design
website UX & UI design
website UX & UI design
website UX & UI design
website UX & UI design
website UX & UI design
website UX & UI design

The Information Lab is a global team of data enthusiasts equipping organisations with the skills, technology and processes to get true value from their data. They are official partners of Alteryx, Tableau, Snowflake and AWS.

We were approached by Initials CX to redesign The Information Lab’s website which required modernisation and re-aligning with the newly refreshed brand identity. The primary objective was to organise vast amount of content, organically added over the years in a user-friendly and easy to navigate way.


UX & UI design: Marek Charytonowicz
Client: Initials CX

A UX discovery phase uncovered issues with content hierarchy, distribution and signposting, due to website growing organically for many years. These findings formed a base for new site structure that would allow for future growth of the site and offering. We designed a modern, dynamic website that was fully responsive and mobile-optimised, with a unique visual look and feel matching a refreshed brand identity that was implemented along the way.

While keeping the technical performance in mind, we managed to induce the design with custom illustrations and imagery to enhance the content and create a website formula that could successfully be applied to all local markets of The Information Lab.


Visualising data visualisation


The Information Lab is all about data and tools required to process it and translate for wider audience. When looking for a visual style for a brand like this , it is easy to follow the stereotype. Moving away from typical data-driven imagery, our friends at Initials CX did a remarkable job coming up with a visual style that combined technical drawing with abstract lifestyle photography.

We embraced this unique style and developed it further creating iconography, graphical assets and curated selection of hero imagery that highlighted real life usage of data processing.


Our approach to imagery was deliberately avoiding obvious data visualisation graphics. We felt that this has been done before and it would not represent The Information Lab as an innovative brand enough.

Instead we turned to imagery depicting variety of industries utilising data to its full potential - transportation, agriculture, industry. Colourful and abstract, these pictures really brought the site to life and translated brand’s offering into tangible use cases.


Data-inspired imagery


Website design


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