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The essence of Stingray Labs lays in new ventures and big ideas. Going where no one went before, creating new possibilities and expanding horizons - this is what Stingray Brand stands for as a modern, technology-driven and dynamic company focused on invention and delivery of the solutions of the future.

We had a name but it needed a shape to convey its essence and a visual language to tell its story.


Ideation & design: Marek Charytonowicz
Client: Stingray Labs


The linear stingray represents constant motion and flow of ideas.

Deliberately tight kerning of individual letters of the name produces intriguing visual appearance of the typography that can also be used on its own without the support of the symbol.

The brand symbol is a silhouette of a stingray. Drawn using lines that originate and end in the same point, it’s inspired by line art and engraving techniques. It aims to capture the calm dynamic energy and sophistication of this majestic creature.



The first letter of the name and the linear symbol form Brand Pictogram, a symbol that can be used wherever an icon is required.

It exists in both colour and monochrome versions to allow for variety of placements.

Our primary colour palette is monochrome and is intended to provide a neutral stage where our services and products can take the main role. The gradient is used only in linear illustrations and is the source of two accent colours necessary for digital interactions.

The sizes of the sample swatches provide approximate ratio of colour application. Dark coal is primarily used as background while other shades help form the interface and provide signposting for interactions.


Colour palette






The visual style of imagery is directly inspired by Brand Symbol and avoids traditional imagery with defined meaning, opting instead for use of geometrical shapes and lines that allow the content and message to stand out and focus user’s attention on what we want to say. These can be used in colour or in monochrome, depending on context and desired visual effect.


Imagery & illustration


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