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The Rough Bounds is a remote, wild, and rugged area of the Scottish West Highlands. This mythical land was used during WW2 as a secret training ground for brave men and women before they went sent overseas to their uncertain missions. Rough Bounds brand seeks to echo these tough inspiring times, an era where getting the basics right has long been forgotten.

Inspired by this ethos, we decided to dedicate our time and expertise to develop Rough Bounds brand pro bono, believing that perhaps it could echo some of these values in times when they seem to be desperately needed again.


Brand creation: Marek Charytonowicz & Karl Woolhouse
Client: Rough Bounds


The brand symbol is a fusion of elements collected from the rugged activities on the Rough Bounds military training area.

The variety of specialised disciplines brought together in a moment of need is represented here by a pair of climbing axes, an anchor and a charting divider with two compass points on either side.

It encompasses the outdoor and adventurous spirit of the brand that is grounded in heritage.


The brand symbol is wrapped around by the name and the strapline creating the full logotype badge.

Bold and impactful, the logotype is designed to work in monochrome - black & white but when necessary, taking in any of the colours from the primary palette.


The marks are designed to convey the brand essence in much simpler format where the usage of the full logotype is not recommended or technically justified.

There are three key brand marks that can be used both on garments and in marketing material where appropriate.

Brand values


Our brand is intrinsically intertwined with history of The Rough Bounds - this is where our inspiration and our values come from. Our respect and admiration for what took place on this rugged landscape is the bases for the inception of our brand and our product. It’s an authentic foundation for long forgotten values.


Trust is hard-earned. Trust in our quality, trust in our provenance and trust us to do things the right way. No short cuts and no poor quality, modern materials. All sustainably sources British materials manufactured in the British Isles, the hard traditional way. We will always strive to deliver only the best so that we never break the trust of our customers.


Our brand remembers the heroes from the past who found courage and resilience in our hour of need. They came together and prepared to do something extraordinary and selfless. We pay tribute to these values and place them at the heart of the Rough Bounds brand – reimagined in every product we make. It’s because of these resilient, daring individuals that we live comfortable and free lives today – Less we forget.

The primary colour palette is monochrome - it is however adaptable and can be used in one of the secondary colours which are accurate swatches from the vintage fabrics.

The secondary colour palette is a dive into the historical background of the brand and the products themselves. Toned down, earthy colours bring to mind remote Scottish landscapes and connect with the original garments the products are inspired by.


Colour palette






The primary colour palette is monochrome - it is however adaptable and can be used in one of the secondary colours which are accurate swatches from the vintage fabrics.

The image style is inspired by the original locations where the historical events took place. Remote, rough landscapes hinting of the struggle with elements and inaccessibility convey the message of durability, resilience and hardship endured during the training in the Rough Bounds.

The imagery can be both in colour and monochrome. A wide angle open landscapes, close up, raw looking portraits can mix with detail shots of the craftsmanship going into the creation of the product. The message here is simple yet powerful - of going back to the roots and embracing the heritage, British craftsmanship and natural world.




Brand application

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